I’ve been reading a lot on blogging and Google says you have to make an impact with your introduction.   I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to pull that off because I pretty much suck at making first impressions. I’m the type of girl you meet at a party and I’ll say something utterly disturbing like,

“Hi, nice to meet you, I’m a serial killer.”

Now ask me again why I’m still single.

 I think we’re doing great so far. You know my relationship status and my obvious unstable state of mind, ha-ha. What else? Right… my name, I always forget that part.

My name is Hope Nyaruai.

So what does Hope love to do? Besides scaring off potential suitors of course…Well, until such a time when I can afford actual hobbies like scuba diving and sky diving, let’s go with: talking to people, swimming, riding matatus(weird) and watching TV (hope my future employer never sees this)I could stay up all night watching Gordon Ramsey cuss at people. Maybe I have a thing for psychotic British chefs. Other than that, writing: I love to write. I enjoy putting my crazy thoughts on paper.

Alright, that’s enough about me, let’s talk about the blog.

Blunt With Nyaruai.

It’s dedicated to my awesome mom Ms. Susan and my best friend Denise.  

This is a blog for you and me. It’s for kawaida people with not so kawaida issues. It’s place to vent, share and learn. I swear that speech sounded way better in my head but oh well…