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Her,Her Boyfriend and Me(stupid me)

“…Can you imagine? Like how does he give someone else a ride and allows them to sit at the co-driver’s na anajua vizuri that’s my seat even if I’m not there. Anyway, me I got into the car and didn’t even say hi to either of them. We dropped the chick off at Kencom. I…
Same Script Different Cast

Same Script Different Cast(part 1)

Same Script Different Cast(part 1) For my cousin Nyaruai Gitonga and my Uncle Mwai #Mentalhealthawarness   Your mom gets home one evening and tells you to openthat Facebook thing and find a controversial video that your cousin has posted.Wait, what? You’re confused. Controversial? Like Kim Kardashian controversial?You don’t have Facebook on your phone because you…
beach-coast-dad-38302 (1)


So what’s your dad like? Strict? Harsh? Cool? Or is he freaking awesome! Lucky you. Mine is none of those.   As we sat there I couldn’t help but wonder what other diners in the restaurant thought when they saw us. Friends? Yeah right, probably not, the age difference was too apparent. Uncle and niece?…